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Projecteur 365 Terra

Designed by Le Corbusier for Nemo

An unprecedented, historical project, which marked the beginning of functional and technical lighting in 1954, reaching far beyond factories and other exclusively work-related contexts. PROJECTEUR 365, the brainchild of Le Corbusier nearly six decades ago, is now taking concrete shape thanks to Nemo's astute interpretation and profound research conducted in partnership with the Le Corbusier Foundation. PROJECTEUR 365 thus retains the essence of a project of strong industrial inspiration, while acquiring a contemporary feel through the addition of extremely modern details, developed in collaboration with the Le Corbusier Foundation and achieved through latest generation technologies, components and finishing. The result is an object produced in different variants that has its roots in the past without being the least nostalgic. The wall, floor and ceiling versions blend in harmoniously with both residential and public projects.

14" 1/4 Ø x 13" 1/4 D