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Progetto 50 - Wine Cellar Unit

Designed by Toncelli for Toncelli

The unit dedicated to winery embodies every little trick for storing and tasting good wine. Rigorously designed and equipped to appeal to the intellect through the experience of the senses. The representation of the vineyard, on the doors of the cabinet is made of tiles designed individually in woodssuch as ebony, wengé, elm, maple, poplar briar and myrtle burl, walnut, purple ebony.The exterior inlay is a work of art depicting the vineyard at the time of its full maturity while the interior of the cabinet winery reveals the magic of its details and the elegance of finishes that cover the structure, built in marine plywood. The unit doors open to 270 degrees, finished in leather and equipped with shelves for glasses perfectly embedded for different wine tastings, from Chianti Classico to Borgogna, Barolo, sauternes, champagne. Included is a kit of 48 glasses in addition to a fine selection of silver accessories for a blend of aesthetics and functionality.The central door, the soul of the cabinet, contains the niche for the decanter and glasses, decorated with inlay of Bacchus opens with a rotating motion, all the mechanisms for opening and sliding guides are strictly related to the Renaissance culture and to the “machines “ by Leonardo da Vinci. In the lower part it features a wine cooler for 36 bottles to maintain the appropriate temperature for the various types of wine and a bottle container for up to 48 bottles for the preservation of the wine. 

82" 1/2 H x 51" W x 31" D