Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poltrona Frau

Jean-Marie Massaud has designed Lloyd, a system of storage units and bookcases, with variable geometries. A series of thin vertical wooden rods form light grids that run from top to bottom on invisible horizontal rails. Each grid can be moved as desired creating different sequences each time. A fluctuating score of solids and voids, of light and shade. A playful game that allows a glimpse of the contents, books and objects, without fully revealing them.The most advanced technology is combined with traditional materials, wood and saddle leather, forming a solid and minimalistic structure.There is an infinite number of possible compositions. The back of the wall version, is closed by panels which are covered, like the uprights, with Cuoio Saddle or Cuoio Saddle Extra leather. In the freestanding version, the movable grids run along both sides creating a more vibrant and chiaroscuro effect. In every version the sides of the structure are closed by fixed grids.The Lloyd product can take the form of large bookcases or an open storage units of various sizes. The units can rest on lead-colored solid oak stands or sit directly on the floor on steel feet with matt gunmetal grey finish. 

High Cabinet: 110" 3/4 W x 16" 3/4 x 59" H; Other sizes available