Design Village 2012

In 2012 the Poltrona Frau Group takes the Design Village to one of the most evocative Milanese venues, the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation. The architecture, recovered from a pavilion of the former Riva Calzoni factory, has open and dynamic volumes that give space to the installations of the brands that make up the Group. Poltrona Frau, Cassina, Cappellini, and Nemo.

The best of design made in Italy is immediately recognizable from the building’s exterior: four large panels, one for each brand, show the logos of the companies and feature an icon repeated in four variants, creating a visual installation with a cracking art style.

Inside, the visitor is invited to explore the individual areas from ever changing perspectives, at ground level and walking along the platforms and walkways suspended over the immense space of the building. A continuous and altering vision is intentionally enhanced by the neutral and light intervention in the communal areas. The vibrant tones of the logos stand out from the simple black and white surfaces, marking out the areas of the different companies. Variations of light and music create a path along which constant surprises are unveiled.

Each area is strongly characteristic, inviting the visitor to discover ways of projecting and producing design, emphasizing the uniqueness of each brand and also the synergy between the brands.

All white Iconic seating, abstract, metaphysical, alternate with the furnishings immersed in color and with different spaces rich with tactile and material vibrations. In the Poltrona Frau area designed by Paola Navone, the company’s timeless design and handcraftsmanship intelligence emerges. An entire section has been dedicated to the design contest that the brand has launched to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Glancing above, between reflections of light and shadow,, a wooden tower designed by Michele De Lucchi can be found. The installation hosts a preview of the new museum that will soon open in the Poltrona Frau factory in Tolentino, created to recount the brand’s history.

Small forest havens, steel and pressed glass screens and a constellation of 360 lamps by Franco Albini that hang down from above embracing the visitor and changing their perception of the space. This is the Cassina area imagined by Piero Lissoni. Authentic by Design is an installation in which a series of projects that express a way of thinking and living authentic design dialogue. The protagonist of the area is the complete reconstruction of the Refuge Tonneau, a futuristic space shuttle-mountain shelter designed by Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret in 1938, which the public can visit for the first time.

Cappellini. Three concepts, in one idea by Giulio Cappellini, showcase a selection of the brand’s iconic pieces. “Cappellini Home”, a multi-colored house cared for in every detail, welcoming and lived-in. The 2012 collection in “Cappellini News” exhibited as if in a museum with rigorous black and white backdrops. The talent scout spirit of the brand in “Cappellini Next”, projects unearthed in different parts of the world, ideas by unknown designers still in their prototype phase hung from cords in motion.

An exclusive space has also been reserved for Nemo, demonstrating a further important strengthening of the brand’s identity, now official lighting provider of the Group. The layout of the area highlights Nemo’s individual language and innovative solutions, alongside re-editions and historical pieces, a sign of on-going research into the origins of light design.