Media Newsletter November 2015 Newsletter

November 2015 Newsletter

Scarlett designed by Jean-Marie Massaud

A sofa which is also a chaise-lounge, a welcoming and comfortable nest. The Scarlett steals the show, its eye-catching circular form an invitation to relax.A project very much in line with Jean-Marie Massaud’s style, the Scarlett combines architectural geometries with full and soft volumes.

The piece is surrounded by a steel ring which supports a system of Cuoio Saddle Extra leather straps. The brushed and burnished finish gives the steel a material depth and a warmth which combine discreetly with the Cuoio Saddle Extra leather straps, Each strap is decorated with markings and edging which echo the complex processing of the highest quality leather belts and goods. The straps create a frame which functions both as a backrest and armrest in an elegant lattice which hosts the well-padded goose down and polyurethane foam seat. Goose down is also used in the large backrest cushions.Between the straps, the interplay between solids and voids gives the overall design breathing space and offers a glimpse of the leather and fabric of the cushions.The Scarlett also features eight castors which allow the sofa to rotate through 360°.

Volare designed by Roberto Lazzeroni

Roberto Lazzeroni outlines a light and airy vision of the classic four-poster bed. His design is for a large structured bed, luxurious in terms of its workmanship and natural materials, yet at the same time discrete and sparing. This oasis of comfort and relaxation is perfect for the middle of the room and for big spaces.

It is a warm and welcoming piece of furniture in terms colors and padding, and in its combinations of leather, hide, wood and fabric.Every detail creates dynamism, movement and harmony. The triangular profile solid ash wood four-poster structure gradually thins and lightens at it tapers towards the top. The horizontal and vertical crossbars are connected by T-joints, which highlight its construction and make it even more modern. The nocturnal and elegant moka finish on the ash combines perfectly with the natural, vibrant tones of the leather and hide that cover the other elements. Within the four-poster structure, the bed appears to float on air. It is supported by a single central leg. The footboard, frame and headboard are entirely upholstered in Cuoio Saddle Extra leather or Pelle Frau® leather. Two soft and sumptuous pillows, attached to the headboard with two belts break up the austere look of the bed frame. 

Products details

Archibald Grand Comfort designed by Jean-Marie Massaud

Jean-Marie Massaud has designed the Archibald Gran Comfort with a completely new interpretation of the Archibald project, of which it offers a refined and informal version.

The central element is the large seat cushion: a luxurious and soft leather sack with abundant goosedown padding forms a contrast with the architectural style of the steel chair frame. The four feet, also made in steel, create an interesting visual counterpoint with the richness of the cushion. Extremely thin and light, they almost seem to be sketched in pencil. The quilted goose-down baffle padding of the seat and backrest enhances the softness of the armchair. The overall sensation is of different elements naturally combined, creating a seat of intentionally generous and welcoming proportions. The removable upholstery is available exclusively in the new Pelle Frau® Safari leather, decidedly thicker and more substantial with a much more evident grain compared to the other leathers in the Poltrona Frau collection. Its textured appearance perfectly enhances the great elegance of the Archibald Gran Comfort. The trim is embellished by raw cut leather, hand-painted and painstakingly finished with contrasting stitching , like luxury leather goods. The steel frame and feet have the Ruthenium finish, while the suspension of the beech seat is provided by elastic straps that continue along the outer edge of the steel-framed backrest offering an added element of comfort.

 Brera designed by Guglielmo Ulrich

Poltrona Frau revisits one of the most interesting and versatile pieces in Guglielmo Ulrich’s extensive collection: the Brera bench, a project which expresses to perfection the talented architect and interior designer's decorative take on rationalism.

The simplicity of the design is fully consistent with the distinctiveness of the leather weave that upholsters the bench’s seating surface. The wide and 2-mm-thick Cuoio Saddle Extra leather strapscreate a motif that is both geometrical and material. The overall effect is linear, sophisticated and highly modern.

The materials and manufacturing fit perfectly with Poltrona Frau’s skills. The frame and the two tapered light legs are constructed from solid ash in a Moka or Wenge finish. The comfortable seat is padded with polyurethane foam. The Cuoio Saddle Extra leather upholstery is embellished with handcut engravings along the entire length of the straps.


Montera Collection designed by Roberto Lazzeroni

The Montera becomes a collection. Roberto Lazzeroni revisits the distinctive traits of the chair and the formal lightness and sensory charm of the leather, and instills them in the armchair and stool.

The seat of the armchair is more relaxed, the backrest is lowered almost imperceptibly, whilst the two characteristic side wings are widened and lengthened to form enveloping armrests. The raised legs of the stool stand out for their cross-like structure and the gunmetal grey metal footrest at the front.

The backrest is smaller, maintaining the Montera’s characteristic curved shape.

The same materials and finishes are used throughout the collection. First and foremost, the original upholstery of the shell, which combines Pelle Frau® leather on the interior with Cuoio Saddle Extra leather on the exterior. The two materials, stitched together with a clean cut edge, complement each other perfectly.