Media Newsletter June 2016 Newsletter

June 2016 Newsletter

Patricia Urquiola new designs for Cassina

The year 2015 saw the appointment of multi-awarded designer Patricia Urquiola as Art Director for Cassina. Urquiola’s designs are unconventional and experimental, blending humanist sensibilities and technical expertise.In her new role she will consolidate her passion for the brand and the Cassina’s Design Masters which include her mentor Vico Magistretti. During this year’s Milan Furniture Fair not only did she oversee and curate the presentation in the Milan showroom but introduced as well her own creations for Cassina, the Beam Sofa System and the Gender Armchair.

The Beam Sofa System is made up of soft cushions supported by a beam, a sharp line, that ‘raises’ the flexible and lightweight back and armrest cushions which meet in an skilful embrace.The beam base is the functional core of the system. Indeed, it enables various configurations to be created, arranging the padded elements together or alternating the seating, tables and ottoman in interesting compositions.

The name of the Gender armchair derives from its changing identity based on chromatic and material combinations in an encounter between two formally independent shapes that make up its form: one is structural, flexible and enveloping, the other with a soft interior to more appropriately identify the seat. The Gender armchair is dressed in layers, with textures and colors that meet and contrast to create an adaptable lexicon in relation to its surrounding environment. The armchair freely crosses traditional male/ female barriers and is intended to be sober or bold, strong or delicate. 

Laboratorio Mattoni Roma
We are pleased to introduce yet another superlative addition to our roster of luxury lines for the home: the outdoor kitchens from Laboratorio Matoni Roma. For over 50 years Laboratorio Mattoni Roma has been delivering unique furniture creations combining unlikely and unconventional elements with an idea that can be useful. Crafstman above all, as he likes to define himself, Luca Mattoni, works out of a place of enchantment located in a area that goes from an ancient medieval village at the gates of Rome to an industrial workshop center. It is here that Luca begins to create furniture utilizing most unconventional raw industrial material like resin, iron, copper, and brass. With the help of skilled workers and traditional machinery, Mattoni transforms raw sheets of material in to high-end collection of furniture including the only patented outdoor kitchens in the world. Made of high grade, waterproof marine material, each kitchen, totally customizable, is unique in its beauty. And it is not because we have never seen an outdoor kitchen before: it is because we have never seen an outdoor kitchen like this before. The details and hand-finish of each piece place this type of furniture in the category of industrial sculptures.

Cappellini re-introduces Joe Colombo Tube Chair

Cappellini re-introduces the Tube Chair to pay homage to design innovator Joe Colombo.

Born in Milan in 1930 into a well to do family, Joe Cesare Colombo is considered one of Italy’s most innovative product designers of the past century. After studying painting at the prestigious Accademia di Belle Arti of Milan, Colombo immediately started researching product design, following the calling that will define his career. He eventually revolutionized “the way of living” as known until then by experimenting and creating new all-inclusive living spaces, where kitchen, bath, bed and storage are contained in one single unit. Joe Colombo’s career was cut short due to an untimely and unexpected death at the age of 41. Colombo nevertheless left an extraordinary body of work that is still relevant today.

Designed in 1969, the Tube Chair immediately made the history of Italian design and is part of the permanent collections of the Triennale di Milano, The MOMA, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This extremely original armchair designed by the self-professed “anti-designer” was inspired from Pop Art and the avant-gardists movements of that era to express his dissent from mainstream rationalism. The armchair is made of four hollow cylinders in PVC, foam rubber and leather. These modular cylinders allow the user to customize the armchair’s shape or join more than one to invent more configurations and adapting it to the space.

 Ren collection from Poltrona Frau

The Ren furnishing accessory collection is the result of a study by Neri & Hu about the home entryway, an interesting space as it represents the border between the inside and the outside, separating the public dimension from the home privacy. Guests are welcomed in this space which offers them the first glimpse of the personal furnishing style.

The collection reflects the nature of this domestic throughway, with a series of objects that are hybrid in their functions and materials and can be used anywhere in the house. Free-standing mirror coat rack, small table, console table, wall-mounted mirror coat rack and valet stand. All products are in wood, brass and leather. Refined in manufacture and shape, they welcome with the indistinguishable elegance of Poltrona Frau.