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July 2015 Newsletter


TONCELLI - Fifty years of luxury kitchens


Toncelli is a true example of a family business that continues to evolve into the future by staying true to its roots. Started in the early 60s by brothers Fernando, Aldo and Vasco Toncelli in the heart of the Tuscan wooden handicraft region, the company quickly established itself as the leading kitchen manufacturer in the industry.  

Throughout the years, the company's great Italian tradition of cabinetmaking morphed into a contemporary state-of-the-art “sartorial” kitchen where professional skills are renewed by technology. Toncelli is now a dynamic business able to customize its designs to satisfy each customer's needs with both tailored and unique solutions and second to none quality. 


TONCELLI - A talent for unique materials and technolgy


Toncelli creates inimitable products by continuously researching exclusive materials, unique finishes, refined details, and innovative and futuristic components like Cement Mousse, Saddle Leather, PaperStone®, Carbon Fibers and Liquid Metal. Ever sensitive to the technological aspect, Toncelli recently incorporated a state-of-the-art domotic systems into its new kitchens, such as a touch screen with web connection, which enables the control of all the automated components of the kitchen, and an audio diffusion system that uses Glauk technology with exciters capable of transmitting sound on the surface of the kitchen, amplifying and distributing it all around the environment. 


Progetto 50 - TONCELLI celebrates its history


Progetto50 celebrates fifty years of Toncelli with three free standing cabinets – the Cellar Unit, the Cocktail Unit, and the Cigar Unit. Designed and produced to perfection by Tuscan master craftsmen, these special and multifunctional units are enhanced by a series of fine accessories and secrets drawers to appeal to wine and cocktails lovers and cigars aficionados.   

These pieces are also a tribute to the geniuses of the Tuscan Renaissance during which the highly successful art of furniture making was born. 


Integrated Humidor and Cigar Storage Unit – A special and multifunctional unit, designed and produced to perfection by Tuscan master craftsmen. This unit has been specifically created for the storage and aging of cigars and their tasting. It can be combined with spirits, wines and chocolates, and holds, in addition, a dedicated section for games. Inside, the two humidors ensure the proper conditioning through the Peltier method, maintaining a constant balance between temperature and humidity. The two compartments can hold up to 500 cigars. The cabinet is enhanced by a series of fine accessories, a central basket with 4 customizable trays, 6 Whiskey glasses, 6 Cognac Napoleon glasses, 8 Rum cups, and hand blown glasses personalized by Toncelli. 

At the bottom, the removable trays in wengé are meant to hold chocolates, to keep decks of playing cards, fiches, dice and a bottle holder with a glass compartment for tasting the liquors.  Completing the unit is a smokers’ kit with lighter, cigar cases, cigar cutters, pocket scissors and ashtray. The exterior of the unit is made of briar root, durmast and wengé wood. The interior trim is made of Elm.  

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Cocktail Unit - This tall unit is dedicated to cocktail lovers and, like a well-executed cocktail, has a well-proportioned and balanced structure, aroma and color. 

Six wooden shelves covered in leather are provided to store the glasses. The leather function is to stabilize the glass and eliminate the clicking noise from the crystal.18 personalized vintage champagne and martini glasses embellish this tall unit. Ice and champagne buckets, wine cooler, coffee maker and an accessories kit for the preparation of cocktails complete the look. In addition, the unit is equipped with bases and retractable shelves that allow flexibility in creating space for additional accessories like bottle holders and specific tools. 

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Wine Unit - The unit dedicated to the wine embodies every little trick for storing and tasting good wine. Rigorously designed and equipped to appeal to the intellect through the experience of the senses. The representation of the vineyard, on the doors of the cabinet is made of tiles designed individually in  ebony, wengé, Elm, maple, Poplar briar, Myrtle burl, walnut, and purple ebony. The exterior inlay is a work of art depicting the vineyard at the time of its full maturity while the interior of the wine cabinet reveals the magic of its details and the elegance of finishes that cover the structure, and is built in marine plywood. The unit doors open to 270 degrees. They are finished in leather and equipped with shelves for glasses that are perfectly embedded for the tastings of different wines, from Chianti Classico to Borgogna, Barolo, sauternes, and champagne. Included is a kit of 48 glasses in addition to a fine selection of silver accessories for a blend of aesthetics and functionality. The central door, the soul of the cabinet, contains the niche for the decanter and glasses. It is decorated with inlay of Bacchus and opens with a rotating motion. The mechanisms for opening and the sliding guides are strictly related to the Renaissance culture and to the “machines“ by Leonardo da Vinci. In the lower part it features a wine cooler for 36 bottles to maintain the appropriate temperature for the various types of wine and a bottle container for up to 48 bottles for the preservation of the wine.  

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